Storytelling for Good Causes

Why do you care? Why should your audience care?

I can promise you this: Answering these seemingly simple two questions will help you find the voice of your campaign and a clear idea of how to communicate your message.

How do I know? And most importantly: Why do I care?

I care because I want to feel connected to a bigger idea and enjoy the feeling of changing things for the better and not leaving them at the status quo. I care because good causes and non-profit activities have always attracted me. So, all in all, I care because I just can’t help it!

Caring deeply about a cause and a project – both professionally as well as in my private and activist life makes me truly happy and gives me a feeling that I can (and have to!) change things for the better because the news are full of scary trends and misleading manipulations of facts.

The good news is that I know how to do that (changing things and not manipulating facts of course!).

"Really?," you ask. (And I don’t blame you!)




"Did you invent a fun app that teaches media literacy to teenagers?"

"Did you come up with a super clever and easy-to-use idea how to react to cat calling, sexism, and homophobia in everyday conversations?"

"Did you have a great idea how to help refugees relocate in their new surroundings or how to challenge racism and right-wing opinons in our society?"

I wish! But I didn’t.

However, I do know how to communicate your ideas and help you create an authentic, sincere, and successful creative concept and communication strategy for online and offline outlets.

So if you have already developed an idea for one of these pressing issues or lead another campaign or have thought about a cause you are passionate about:

Let’s chat and find out your answers to the two most important questions

Why do you care? Why should your audience care?

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